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Father Ted

Feb 17, 202039 minutes

Cross the pond with us as we revisit the beloved television classic, Father Ted. We love this show for its balanced cast of characters: the over-zealous Mrs. Doyle, the crotchety old pervert Father Jack, the simple non-believing Father Dougal, and of course, Father Ted. This week, we discuss how what began as a standup routine by Arthur Matthews became one of the most popular Irish and British television shows.

We also discuss Graham Linehan's controversial comments about the transgender community. Linehan's comments are disgusting and bigoted. Despite this, we agreed to discuss this show on the grounds that the bulk of the cast and crew do not agree with Linehan (at least, as far as we're aware at this time), and so we wanted to pay tribute to their incredible work.

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Special thanks to our brothers, Nick Pula and Ben Wilton, for making this episode possible.

The Mandalorian

Jan 30, 202083 minutes

His Dark Materials

Dec 11, 2019102 minutes

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Nov 7, 201939 minutes

Buffy Bonus: Extra nerdy language edition

Oct 26, 201950 minutes

The unique use of language and slang in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Oct 17, 2019107 minutes

It's spooky season

Downton Abbey

Sep 18, 2019107 minutes

Discussion with Claire Pula, beloved mother & aunt

30 Rock

Aug 30, 201951 minutes

The IT Crowd

Jul 25, 201948 minutes

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Jul 11, 201941 minutes

I'm not crazy am I?


Jun 13, 201939 minutes

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

May 29, 201942 minutes

And apparently in Moscow

The Simpsons

May 15, 201957 minutes

A family favorite: The Simpsons!


May 8, 201948 minutes


Apr 30, 201952 minutes

The truth is out there

Game of Thrones: Part Two

Apr 23, 201970 minutes

Rounding out the Game of Thrones Pilot

Game of Thrones: Part One

Apr 16, 201947 minutes

Part one of our Game of Thrones discussion

Parks and Rec

Apr 9, 201947 minutes

Our least favorite pilot

The One Where We Talk about Friends

Apr 1, 201946 minutes

Friends TV Pilot

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